Koordikamber was established in 2012, it's a small business that produces handmade bone, horn and leather products. In addition to that Koordikamber offers courses and workshops where people can get acquainted with these materials, learn how to process and design various items. For coloring bone and horn products I use plants, e.g. Hypericum, fireweed, Solidago, birch leaves, onion peels, indigo etc. I use natural oils and waxes - hash oil, almond oil, coconut oli, beeswax and carnauba wax.

I get the raw material from local hunters and farmers. I follow the principles of environmental friendly and sustainable production, I value fostering creativity and archaic product design.

Koordikamber is located in Koordi farm, Viljandi County, Estonia. Here you can take part in summer Saturdays of handicraft, during the year I gladly share my knowledge all over Estonia.