Handmade bone, leather and horn products 

"Monika's Indian name should be She Who Invents Many Things – there is simply no thing that woman can't invent.

Just leave some cow horn, elk skull or earthly remains of a ram in her close proximity and she'll be at it – sawing, drilling and polishing – in no time, and there will be lamps, bags, needles and what not in abundance. Elk toe bone? No problem! You can make point protectors for knitting needles useful to every knitter. Ram scrotums? Here you are – suits well for purses and – in case of an especially well endowed specimen – elegant hand bags. Cow horns? Help yourself to handsome night lamps and salt and pepper pots. One is more beautiful than the next one, many items are given a nice shade with plant colors. No wonder I've been Monika's fan and golden client for years."
Tuulike, friend